Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dreams on Demand

Misery, as they say, loves company.  True . . . too true.

Fact is, everything loves company.  Happiness loves company.  Sadness loves company.  Ignorance loves company. Intelligence loves company.  Meat eaters love company.  Vegetarians love company.  Short people love company.  Wrestlers love company.  Drunks love company. Smokers love company.  Criminals love company.  War mongers love company.  And so on.  Question is,  "Why does misery love company?" Answer, "Because it's comforting to have someone even more miserable than yourself handy since it makes your own misery seem less miserable."  One feels better.  Ignorance loves company for the same reasons.  To be surrounded by smart people must be a total drag if you are a moron; one does not feel quite as ignorant stumbling through life when there is another stumbling even more.  Where am I going with this?  Don't know.  Don't care.  Don't have a clue.  Maybe I'm just trying to understand another adage, i.e., "Birds of a feather flock together."  It's why cops put the screws on drug users to rat out drug dealers. It's why stamp collectors form clubs.  It's why football fans form parties.  Generally, when you find one of a certain ilk, you'll find another.

Michelle is off tending and riding her horses this morning and shortly I too will mount my metal steed and take a bike ride before the forecasted rain arrives at noon.  The county where we live, Charlotte, is noteworthy for several things. 1) With all the "Snow-Birds" we have one of the oldest populations in America.  This in turn leads me to believe that we also have maybe the highest number of auto accidents in the US. 2) We have one of the country's highest concentration of sex offenders living here.  Hardly a day goes by that our local newspaper does not detail some act of sexual disgustivity, and generally aimed at children. 3) Charlotte has more biking fatalities than any other Florida county and second in America.  My guess is that item #1 has much to do with item #3 since many of the folks behind the wheels here are not just old, but dirt old.  Judging by some I see exiting their vehicles at restaurants and medical complexes--after five minutes of slow struggle--many should probably not be driving even a golf cart to the mailbox, much less navigating narrow roads filled with walkers and bikers.

Like everyone else, I suppose, I have been trying to comprehend the full import of the "Wikileaks" phenomenon.  One of my searches led to "Wiki Rebels--The Documentary."  This gives an excellent overview of the group, it's mission, its impact.  Just google it.



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