Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dead Skunk in the Middle

Another instance of "good gun control" occurred the other night up in Tampa. 

A jogger was minding his own business, just jogging, staying in shape, losing some holiday lard.  A mugger came up from behind, grabbed the man, then struck him in the face.  Fearing for his life, the jogger recovered, whipped out his cop-in-a-pocket, squeezed off eight rounds, hit his target four times and terminated the mortal existence of his attacker right then and there.  Great!  Another dead thug in the middle of the road.  Unless they have plans to fertilize something with it, I vote they leave this worthless carcass exactly where it fell until it is as flat as roadkill on busy I-75.  For taking another worthless POS out of circulation, this runner needs a medal bestowed by the citizens of Florida.

Like every other semi-sane person, I'm sure, I was horrified by the recent massacre in Arizona.  Totally senseless.  Sorta speechless.  What can we do to protect ourselves from monsters such as this?  Beg for mercy?  Cry?  Pray?  Of course, all the professional gun-grabbers, assorted nut sacks and feminized sissy-men in our midst who steal our oxygen immediately start screaming once more to limit guns.  A gun killed these people, they soberly argue, and one less gun in the world would have prevented this slaughter.  I argue the opposite.  One MORE gun in the world would have prevented the massacre.  Had someone in that crowd been packing and shot that crazed looney-toon dead the moment he bared his ugly soul, then we would hardly be talking about this incident.  But no one had a gun handy that morning at the mall and a warped madman was free to do his will.  Fortunately, the Tampa jogger above, a Miami grandma in her apartment and dozens more here in Florida DID have weapons nearby when they needed them and did not hesitate to correct nature's mistakes with neatness and dispatch.  We all owe them a debt of gratitude.

As I type, our legislature up in Tallahassee is considering not a ban on guns, but a law that allows citizens to pack pistols on their hips, ala the Old West.  Screw "conceal-carry," proponents say, "we want the thugs of the world to know right up front that we are armed and will shoot them dead in their tracks if they come at us with murderous intent."  By the way, a local antique dealer a few miles from where we live was NOT armed when an individual came into his shop the other day and beat him to death with a hammer.  Ban hammers?  No, ban homicidal maniacs by killing killers!


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