Thursday, November 08, 2012

Four More Wars

After the disaster of the George “Mission Accomplished” Bush years, I believe the American people would have voted for a monkey had he been running against Bush.  Well, surprise!  A monkey did run, and of course, he won.  In fact, he ran again and so great was the fear of a return to the Bush Republican years, that the monkey won again.  This monkey dutifully jumps on command, grins ear-to-ear when told to, and generally, unless it malfunctions, can read the words written for him on the teleprompter when ordered to.  And all this was good enough for liberty-loving, flag-waving American lemmings.

The good news?  Thank God I won’t have to look at that idiotic grin from the Israel-First war-monger, Romney, any more.

The Bad News? I will have to look at the imbecilic smirk from that Israel-first clown Obama for another four years.

Four more years . . . Four more wars . . . Four more trillion for the debt bucket . . . Four more years of decline and decay.  Obviously, no one else cares, so why should I? 

We Paul Peeps are mere observers looking down from on high, looking down in bitter amusement at this farcical comedy unfolding at our feet.  In our millions we Paulistas did not vote because we saw no significant difference between the two candidates.  We were urged to vote to save the blessed Republic from four more years of creeping socialism but we simply lacked the heart to vote for the lesser of two evils, whichever one that was.  To we Paul purists, evil is evil whether it was a lesser or a greater evil and there is no compromising with evil.  We do have the smug satisfaction of knowing that had the corrupt Republican Party really wanted to win they would have allowed Ron Paul to carry the Republican nomination--without the smears and slander and hourly attacks that he faced--as he would have easily done, and we would not even be talking about Obama now.  But the corrupt Republican party and the Zionist media preferred to throw the election rather than see REAL “hope and change” occur. 

My old biking buddy, Jim of Boston, dropped by yesterday to give me an extra odometer for my bike that he had.  As he was leaving he asked, “Did the election turn out like you hoped?”  I told him I was a Ron Paul guy and it mattered notta jotta to me who won. 

“Oh, that’s right.  You’re a Ron Paul man,” Jim laughed.  “Paul was just too extreme.”

Sad commentary when peace and prosperity and minding our own business in the world has become "extreme."  Sigh.  Such, I suppose, is the overall sickness we Americans are suffering under in these, the last days of the once-great Republic.

Dave v. God—Seems Dave Jimenez was really tore up about his wife’s cancer diagnosis, so much so that he needed something to pray to in hopes that a miracle might occur.  A plaster statue of the Virgin Mary crying tears of blood would have been nice but none was handy; a sizzling tortilla with the image of Christ’s face on it would be just jim-dandy too but the last one of those in Dave’s casa was eaten day before yesterday wrapped around some beans.  And so, Dave began praying like a man possessed to a six-hundred pound marble cross outside a Catholic church in Albany, New York.  Dave went at it hot and heavy, day and night, good weather or bad.  

When all that hard praying seemed to pay dividends and his wife began to recover, the grateful Mexican--a 40-something “immigrant” (that’s media speak for illegal alien)--decided to repay the kindness by wiping the grime and filth off that holy cross.  Alas, Dave must have been way too zealous in his scrubbing since the idol suddenly tumbled from its perch and crushed the scrubber's leg to death.  The dead limb was later amputated.  

So now, what is Senor Jimenez”s next move? Why, Dave does what any other red-blooded new American might do—he sues the criminal church directly responsible for his lost leg, and he sues the criminal God indirectly responsible for his lost leg, sues them for a  very un-God-like $3 Mil.  Gratitude?  When a free ride is on the line, gratitude is for suckers. 

Three million?  That’s quite a leg.  I reckon one of Dave’s arms would fetch maybe $2 million.  Two arms = $4M, two legs = $6M . . . Dave is already worth ten million, I allow, and that’s not even including his trunk, his butt and his greedy head. 

Dave was no dummy; the man didn’t even bother to find a new cross and pray for another leg.  God might clear up  someone’s cancer but so far he has yet to regrow any new legs.

Michelle και εγώ να απογειωθεί για λίγο. Αποφασίσαμε να πάμε ιστιοπλοΐα στη Μεσόγειο και πάλι. Έτσι, θα υπάρξει μια προσωρινή ή μόνιμη rmaybe, παύση για αυτό το blog. Θα σας δούμε από την άλλη πλευρά. Αντίο!

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