Friday, June 17, 2011

Wake Me When They Drone Arizona

I noticed on this morning’s bike ride a Frigate flying overhead. These gallow birds can only mean one thing: It’s turtle time on the island; turtle as in baby turtle. I also noticed on my daily swim the appearance of sand crabs. These little ghouls too have arrived for the banquet. Gets me thinking on predators and prey.

More and more we Wal-mart zombies and American sports fans are beginning to look around and wonder where all these wars Obama is currently screwing with came from. That’s good, I guess--good that even the knee-jerk flag-waving Rotary types and the portly yellow ribbon tiers are scratching their confused coconuts and wondering just who we are at war with this week. Indeed, without a program one can hardly name all the wars we are engaged in at this moment. Yep, despite his campaign promises to stop the murderous madness and quit toadying to Israel (as his imbecile predecessor so shamelessly did), it is now clear our current grinning zero never meant any of those promises about stopping all these wars in the first place. Indeed, Barack “Change” Obama, with a teleprompter under one arm and a basketball under the other, seems bent on bombing his way through his first term and making George “Chimp” Bush look like a peace-loving Hippie, by comparison.

is, whether it was The Chimp or Mr. Change which started them, there are not just three U. S. wars in progress, but at least four, and probably more. There is our Sand-Nam in Iraq and our Rock-Nam in Afghanistan, both now approaching one decade long, and counting; then there is the new war on the block, the Oil-Nam in Libya; and, of course, as I type, we are droning down death and destruction on Yemen. We are probably doing the same in Syria, Somalia, Sudan, and perhaps some other Third World sink hole that also begins with the letter "S". There is also the continuous chatter--with Israel urging us on--of starting a vastly larger war with Iran. Goodness gracious! At some point, I suppose, this peace-loving land of freedom will run out of nations to attack and the only ones left will be those countries which can actually defend themselves. Oops. In that event, under the maxim of “use it or lose it,” I suppose Obama the Liar, or the next liar who follows him into the White House, will turn the U.S. military machine inward, i.e., against us, against We the People.

"U.S. troops won’t fire on U.S. citizens," you say? Ho, ho, ho! I can name a dozen times in our history when U.S. citizens bet wrong on that account, most famously during the American Civil War One. The current crop of robot-like U.S. soldiers--its ranks heavy with soulless gang-bangers and Abu Ghraib hillbilly jailers--would mow down we civilians as quick as they would eat buttered popcorn.  Exciting times ahead, I guess. Whatever, I don’t think, I KNOW, that if our Founding Fathers could come back now they would prefer to see a big smoking hole where Washington now stands, rather than view the abomination this government has become.

And BTW, speaking of Frigate Birds eating baby turtles: I find this rage for droning to death our numerous enemies around the globe to be cowardly and unmanly. Some neatly dressed nerd in uniform (above), sitting in an air conditioned trailer in Nevada, playing at his monitor like some emotionally arrested video game warrior, directing these multi-million dollar missiles down on some ragged beggar half way around the world--a beggar who as likely as not is just some stone age farmer and not a dangerous enemy of anyone--well, I find it sissified and uncowboy-like; a far cry from our ancestors who fought face to face, toe to toe, on main street with six-guns blazing. If one must start wars all over the planet, at least have the nads to “meet the foe in manly combat on the field of battle,” (as Gen. Patton might say) and not hand over this drone business to some bed-wetting troll sipping Dr. Pepper at a Mission Control trailer somewhere in BFN.


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