Sunday, November 28, 2010

Full Moon Fun

When the sun goes down and the moon goes up, strange things happen. Mostly modest, sometimes a bit shy, Michelle is anything but during the full moon.

A few weeks ago we were cruising the Caribbean and Central America. It just so happened that Halloween fell on one of those nights. It also just so happened that the World Series coincided with Halloween. Thus, as I went up to a sports bar on the night club deck to watch some of the Series, Michelle said she would join me later and we would go to "a party."  One might imagine my surprise--as well as everyone else--when the vamp made her appearance in the crowded bar.  All the boozed up dudes in the place forgot the game.  I did too, a bit, until I realized it was my Michelle.  I truly did not recognize her for at least two or three seconds.  Little did I suspect that Halloween is when this dainty damsel becomes a flamboyant femme fatale.

Anyway, after we got me trussed up to be her blood guzzling escort, we proceeded to a really fun Halloween party at a disco bar.  I won nothing during the costume contest but to the surprise of no one, Michelle took first prize (a trophy and two free drinks).  There were really some cool costumes, and one or two other female vampires, but M's chutzpah won over the judges.


Good Gun Control--Two burglars broke into an apartment one night last week over near Miami.  The owner was at home.  What to do?  Hide?  Call 911?  Beg for mercy?  Hell no!  The home-owner pulled out his cop-in-a-pocket and opened up.  One intruder was shot dead in his tracks while his frightened partner dove out the third-floor window. . . and to his death. 


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