Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Watched the better part of a truly wonderful documentary on Wyatt Earp last night. It was PBS' "The American Experience." 
Bob Boze Bell, Paul Andrew Hutton, and the usual cast of experts were superb relating the lawman's story. So very well produced, written and researched was this film that for the first time I think I now understand Wyatt. To those who missed it: You might consider buying this one. It's that good.

*A big bowl of citrus sitting on the kitchen counter, including mandarin oranges; a grapefruit tree in the yard heavy with ripe fruit; fresh orange and grapefruit juice by the gallon in the refrig--and yet we both have still managed to catch colds! We were on Turtle Beach a few nights back, the onlys. If we caught it there on those white sands, so be it; the sundown was worth it. Life is rich.

*We awake at precisely the same time this morning--3 AM. We are quiet as we lay. Then we speak in soft morning tones. Michelle was formerly with a state law enforcement agency. She tells me stories when I ask; of cops and crooks, of clues and finger prints on car trunks, of chases and crashes. And yet, she prefers I tell my lame stories of hitchhiking and travel, of animals I have known, of history I have studied, of hopes I have dreamed. By four or five, I suppose, we have slipped back down into that sweet realm of rest and repose. Life is good.

*We take a bike ride this, and every, afternoon. Today, about a mile from here, our narrow route crossed a bridge over a tiny creek. And yep, there sunning himself on a reed bank was a gray-green ten-footer, nine feet if he was an inch. The big thing must have felt nervous for he moved into the water slowly and lay there, his eyes above the surface of the pool but his body very visible to us in the clear stream below. Life is interesting.

*Drink life down.


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