Friday, October 04, 2013

Thank Friday It's God, Part 2

One month after my near death experience on the bike, I am mostly recovered.  My wrist is still cracked, my ribs still pain me some, but my bod is on the mend and good to go.

One major result of the accident is that speed-first has given way to safety-first. What little joy I gained from the daily sixteen-mile sprints is mostly dead now as I simply try to avoid another bad accident.  Every day I am on the lookout for everything and anything; all things, animate and inanimate, that share my immediate surroundings I now see as potential enemies.  As per today.

As I approached a familiar street crossing, one that I have crossed a thousand times, I spotted a car pulling up to the intersection.  Two months ago I might have assumed that the driver saw me and that they were going to stop.  I would have been wrong two months ago, just as I would have been wrong today.   They never did see.  Prudently, I had slowed almost to a stop in just such an anticipation.  Coming back the same way fifteen minutes later, it was deja vu all over again.  Same scenario, same result.  Today, had I assumed anything at the intersection in question it might well have been the last assumption I ever made in my life.

And so, perhaps the accident last month was a blessing in disguise.   Whatever, I’ll take ‘em where I can get ‘em, I’ll live and learn, I’ll live to fight another day, and I’ll try to lean on other tired clichés in my quest to avoid the morgue.


Federal Shut Down?--Let me guess.  Every creepy nerd who is spying on us at NSA still has a job. . . . Every sadistic torturer for the CIA is still sadistically torturing at the pain pits they 'work' in. . . . Every man, woman and child in Israel will still get their welfare checks for $7,756 this year. . . .  Every U.S. soldier can still mug it up and pose for the camera as he pisses on dead people in Afghanistan. . . . but I bet our national parks are shut down, and I bet the border guard on the Rio Grande has gone home until further notice, and I bet that the lights are out at NASA.  This, of course, shows where “our” corrupt federal government's true priorities lie.

Personally, I hope Washington, DC never reopens.  No more sending our tax dollars to Israel, no more American body bags filled for Israeli wars, no more wars and enemies created around the globe and thus no more people jumping out of burning NY buildings, no more U.S. tax dollars being recycled back to America in the shape of bribes from Israel to buy the loyalty of “our” elected reps.   

Before this ugly federal monstrosity gained momentum, the various American states did just fine caring for the people, keeping the roads open and the bridges up, and taking but a pittance in tax to do it.  Bring back the state governments and let the corrupt federal government collapse under its own rotten weight.  Force the twenty million useless federal bureaucrats to get real jobs for a change, honest work like mowing lawns and digging ditches.

Also, incredibly, I note that the federal government is actually seeking applicants for video drone operators.

Help Wanted: Going nowhere?  At a dead end?  Looking for a job with a future?  Like killing things?  Scared of the dark?  Wet your bed?  If you answered “yes” to even one of those questions then we might be the right fit for you. If you are a high school drop out with an IQ of 80 or below, if you have low self-esteem, if you feel small and unimportant, if you feel this overwhelming need to hurt things without any risk to yourself, then you should consider a career with us, USAWar, Inc., the largest war making corporation on the planet.  Applicants with 5-10 years experience of playing meaningless video games preferred.  Police record? No problem. Deviant sexual behavior? No problem.  No personality?  No problem.  No ethics?  No problem.  No integrity?  No problem. No conscience?  Nooooo problem!   In fact, we prefer you have none of those annoying qualities.

1) If you think you might like targeting festive wedding parties in North Rockastan and killing everyone in sight. . . .

2) If you think you might like wasting every last mourner at a village funeral in South Wazoo. . . .

3) If you think you might like blasting kids playing in a school yard in BFE. . . .

4) And if you think you might enjoy doing all this while sitting safely in front of a computer screen in a clean air conditioned trailer in Nevada while sipping a diet Dr. Pepper . . . then we are definitely the company for you!

So, what are you waiting for?  Become an American Hero today!   Join our team!  Apply at USAWar, Inc, Pentagon, Washington, DC.

"We Are A Global Force For Good in The World."