Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fire and Ice

Judging by the weather map, it would seem that many of my friends, family and well-wishers in the Upper 48 are freezing today. 

Even Californians and Texans are tossing logs on the fire. What can I say? I took a bike ride this morning at nine-something and it was 70-something degrees. Our windows are open today to catch a warm breeze wafting over the rustling palms. I sit here typing in shorts and flip-flops. Michelle and I will go skimming the beach tonight under a warm full moon and have cold white wine later at the Banana Cabana. Or maybe we will find a nice, quiet biker bar and chug some beer. Life is tuff.

But, for every action there is a reaction. The locals tell me, with a roll of the eyes, that one cannot live in Florida during the summer. Impossible, they say. Heat + Water = Steam. Virtually half the population of Florida--the New York and Jersey "Snowbirds"--vamoose the ranch in April. Even Michelle--almost always positive and upbeat--admits that hell hath no fury like an average summer's day in Florida. While all you folks in the Upper 48 are enjoying a delicious spring and early summer outdoors, we down in Hades will be hermetically sealed against the inferno and imprisoned in a perpetual a/c lockdown. Or, at least, this is what "they" tell me. Seeing/burning is believing, of course, but if this is all true, then I know at least two people who are bailing for colder climes until the summer fires die down. 


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