Tuesday, August 14, 2012

On Moonlight Bay

Since we've been gone, since we've been back, much swamp water under the bridge.  Pit bull attacks that nearly kill two local children, another gator chomp-a-thon, more pedos arrested and, it is assumed, more pedos let loose again to molest yet another day . . . but anyway, on to some REAL news.

Anyone see that piece about the 70-something-year-old gentleman who was on a wilderness outing up in New Hampshire?  Apparently, the old chap became separated from whoever was in charge of him and just wandered off . . . and wandered . . . and wandered . . .  and wandered . . . and . . . As it turns out, the fellow was finally "discovered" some where far south of the Mason-Dixon line, over a thousand miles away, still wandering, still walking and still without a clue.  How is it that someone like this can roam afoot for days, weeks, months, for hundreds and hundreds of miles, and never once be mauled by pit bulls or never once be run over by batzed-out geezers but some poor sod squattin' down here among the savages in Rottweiler! Run For Your Life, Florida, can't go out and get his morning paper without being torn limb from limb by "loose" pit bulls or he can't run to the local freak show known as Walmart to buy a bag of something without being backed over and trapped under the car of some 95-year-old blind and crazy person?  Guess if you be blind and crazy to begin with it greatly increases your chances of surviving this world unscathed.


On my morning swim today, the water was waveless, very flat.  When I went under I heard that funny little click-click sound that porpoises make when communicating.  When I surfaced, I looked along the water's surface to see if I could see any coming up for air, but nary not even one.  I went under again, and again the sound.  But none in sight.  Now, since I could see clearly for at least a mile out into the Gulf, that must mean that the sonar porpoises emit is a very strong sound, indeed.  Any way, I also noticed just a jillion little fish--maybe an inch or two long--just swarming around me.  Then, a bit further on, maybe ten feet, I noticed some snook, maybe a foot or two long.  Obviously,  these sleek, silver fish were keeping the sprats agitated and in constant terror.  Then, it occurred to me that there may have been some larger fish just beyond them keeping the snook in a tizzy and beyond them, probably the porpoises were hunting. Dang.  It's a dog-eat-dog life on land and a fish-eat-fish life in the sea.  Surviving anywhere is ruff.


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