Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Deadly Disconnect

There was a two-hour TV program the other night about a horrific murder case that occurred years ago on Tampa Bay.  The perp in that unimaginable crime was finally put to death here in Florida last November.  Lethal injection. 

Back in 1989, one Oba Chandler befriended three female tourists down here from their dairy farm in Ohio--a mother and her two teen daughters--then invited them out on his motor boat to view a Tampa Bay sunset before their return trip home.  A smooth-talking con with a history of violence, Chandler raped the helpless women that night, bound their hands and feet, taped their mouths, tied a concrete block around the neck of each, then dumped them overboard into the black water . . . while still alive.  Understandably, the people of Florida are elated that the 65-year-old murderer is now dead and rotting and no longer stealing the valuable oxygen needed for the rest of us.  While even Chandler's own daughter waited outside the prison and was happy to hear of his death, many are nevertheless upset that this monster's demise came no where near fitting the crime.  Check out a sampling of some as-they-appeared "letters to the editor":

This piece of shit should be taken out in a boat, tied up, raped by a cattle prod, and thrown overboard alive with a cinder block tied around his fucking neck.  Go to hell, scumbag, where you can be tortured by demons for eternity.  Should have happened about 20 years ago.   ---BRAMBLES

why on earth should this poor excuses for a human being be allowed to not feel the horrific pain of death, when his victims endured more than he ever will. FRY HIM WOULD OF BEEN THE BEST AFTER YOU THREW ACID ON HIM!   ---SHEILA

The most humane death for this dirt bag would have been to slice him up for awhile, tie some concrete blocks around him and drop him in a pool of gators.        ---HONDO


I spoke to God last night. I was asking him if he could give the  [Tampa Bay] Bucs a push this week in Green Bay and we ended up talking about this guy lmao
Anyways, he said Oba's in hell and the devil has him burning coal.  So let this be the last article on this guy. He's in hell, it's confirmed.   ---THE KING IS BACK

Your comments "King", despite what you may think, aren't humorous at all...in fact, I was wondering, while you and God were chatting, what arrangements have YOU made to escape God's judgement when you breathe your last?    ---SERVINGHIM

I thought the King's comments were funny. . . . Hey Serving, it's sure bet that God has a far greater sense of humor than you do..     ---DEATHMETAL

Serving Him: Last time I spoke to God, he told me that he doesn't really exist and admitted He is the biggest fraud the world has ever seen. He said he was created to control the masses and that when I die, my corpse will rot away and get eaten by maggots in my eternal dirtnap... just like everyone else's does.      ---MARTY MCFLY

Mcfly you piece of filth.  You are worst than oba.  I hope you rost in HELL!!!!!  ---ANON


Geezer in a Freezer--Up at Panama City, Florida, cops found 80-year-old Ray Gsell in his own freezer frozen as stiff as a mitten.  Seems that over the weekend, the homeowner's sweet, loving wife, 47-year-old Lynn, had gotten into an argument with Ray over some money that she needed to buy more "space rock." The woman was coming down hard from a crack high and she was wild to get back up there again.  When her cranky meal ticket refused to fork over the dough for the hundredth time, his enraged bride and another woman, 27-year-old Dawn Ross, simply strangled Ray with an electrical cord and took the money.  After stuffing the stingy old coot  into the freezer, the crazed murderers promptly returned to smoking crack.  An anonymous tip sent cops to the address. 

Thus, it would seem that this will prove a very expensive high for the lovely Widow Gsell and her associate, Ms. Ross.  Wonder if these whacked-out crack heads thought they could simply freeze the old bird when he was in their way, then thaw him out again when they needed more drug money?

And so, just as Florida rids itself of an Oba Chandler, two more monsters take his place.  Sigh.


Dog on Dog--Karen Miller of nearby North Port wrote a letter to the editor the other day., describing just one among what must be thousands of "non-newsworthy" events that occur each day across Florida and America:

"One of our neighbors was walking her chocolate Lab on a leash . . .  when two pit bull dogs running free attacked her Lab.  Her Lab required surgery and is very lucky to be alive.  A police report was taken.  What has been done about it?  Nothing!  This is not the first time these same two dogs have attacked other dogs that are being walked on a leash.  They are not fenced.  They are roaming around free."

I once thought that Florida's "conceal-carry" law was passed primarily to protect humans from humans.  Now, I'm not so sure.  Perhaps it was passed to protect people from pit bulls.  Before I met her, Michelle was riding one of her horses once on a back road when a pit bull leaped from an open truck window and attacked with fang and claw.  The horse survived but had a horrible chuck removed from her neck.   Michelle made the local news on that one.  My wife now carries a cop-in-the-pocket where ever she goes to protect herself from the pit bulls of this world, man and beast.  Every woman should.


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