Saturday, July 02, 2011

Why the Wheel Was Invented

 It's no coincidence that the Tunisian, Egyptian, and Libyan revolutions exploded in the wake of the Wikileaks revelations.

When it was learned through those leaked cables just what was taking place, what their masters were saying on the one hand, and what their masters were really doing on the other, the slaves in those countries were outraged. These people knew something serious was wrong with their lives but seeing it spelled out in black and white was the spark which ignited the powder.

Like it or not, Wikileaks in some form is here to stay. So many brave souls around the globe, those in sensitive government spots, have become so angered by the corruption, greed, lies, deceit, and indifference of their leaders and the dangerous course the world is on, that they were, and are, willing to risk life and limb to air what they know. Young, but brave, Private Brad Manning of the U.S. Army comes first to mind; when Manning perceived crimes committed and concealed by his superiors, including cold-blooded murder, he reported it. Before young Manning stepped forward there was the Abu Ghraib whistle-blower who shocked the world by revealing those hideous photos of torture and humiliation inflicted on helpless prisoners by U.S. soldiers; who with a soul can forget those sadistic thugs mugging for the camera?

Funny thing--revolutions are contagious. They awake and embolden, they speed the heart rate, they raise the cripple, they revive the dead, they light fires, they lend hope to those who have known only darkness and despair. There is indeed a revolution boiling in this world and I am not simply speaking of the Middle East. I am speaking of everywhere, and especially here in America. If one places their ear to the ground and listens, they will detect a rumbling sound, faint right now, but growing. Many of the preconditions for revolt already exist in the U.S. Bankruptcy, unemployment, poverty, wars, a rotting infra-structure, a growing police state, an unresponsive government, a "two-party" system that is a sham, voter disempowerment--these and other deeply-rooted problems clearly portend that America will not be spared by the fire spreading around the globe.

The veiled threats of torture and the possible assassination of Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, by the U.S. government clearly illustrate the stakes involved and how frightened these cowardly time-servers are of detection. So concerned is he that murder may indeed be in his future, that Assange has threatened to divulge all about the inner workings of the U.S. government should he turn up dead from “suicide” or disappear forever into the growing gulag archipelago of the American judicial system.

As devastating as the leaked cables have proven in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, and elsewhere, they are nothing compared to what Assange and Wikileaks will unleash about the U.S. government and what it has been up to over the past decades. Trumped up wars around the globe, “false flag” operations, 9/11 and the “special” role of Israel and it’s sinister secret service, the Mossad; laughter in high places at the helplessness and ignorance of the American people; these and plenty more will engage, then enrage, all who read. It will be no less than a sea change in how we view "our" government.

I, for one, look forward to the day when we Americans clean house and send the rats packing who infest the federal government and its hand maiden, the major US media. Long Live Julian Assange and transparency in governments. Long leak Wikileaks!


That’s One Dirty Meatball
—Haitian immigrant, Marie Joseph, was swimming at a public pool last Sunday afternoon up at Fall River, Massachusettes. No one noticed when poor Marie panicked at the deep end, then went under. And that’s the way it remained for the next 48 hours, until the woman’s body was finally discovered. Although swimmers had continued to use the pool after the drowning for two-plus days, no one could see the dead body laying on the bottom because the water was so “cloudy.” Un-Effing-believable. Do ducks and geese swim freely in the pool? Does Fall River ever clean its pools?


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