Monday, November 22, 2010

One Size Fits All

Another day, another bike ride. Out I go at 10 AM, shorts, flip-flops, blue T, orange bandana. In five minutes I strip off my tee shirt while still pedaling, and w/o hands, and go mainly manly barrel-chested for the next forty minutes. Up to the north draw bridge five miles, back down here to the Banana Cabana five miles. Same thing virtually every day. I love it, but today it got me thinking about the approaching holidays.

People down here try to force round pegs into square holes. In truth, there is no holiday season down here in South Florida. The Thanksgiving displays in food stores and the Christmas music in shops are just window dressing and seem so surreal and unnatural. Why? Well, the obvious, of course. Almost all of us legal immigrants here in the Sunshine State are cold weather refugees from the Land of Four Seasons. To us, T-Giving, C-Mas and N-Year's are, and always will be, associated with cold weather. No matter how hard store owners may try to get us into a buying holiday mood, when we shoppers walk out of a store down here we are met by blinding sun light, waving palms, and some pretty intense heat. A long-haired crack-head, shirtless, wobbling by on a stolen bike with a sack of something on his handlebars and whose weathered skin looks like old billfold leather does nothing for the holiday spirit either.

The most unnecessary and obsolete item in Florida is a calender. Why bother? Just tear out the "July" page and tape it on the fridge door. That would pretty much work for every month down here. I'm not really complaining, just adjusting.

No time, no patience, no nothing has brought me back to this site from the stillborn "Crime Time" website, for a little while at least. I can't promise to post with any greater regularity here than there, but when the opportunity avails, I'll jot down some thoughts by-and-by. Looking ahead over the next several months, Michelle and I will be bouncing around quite a bit so blogging will be very iffy. Whatever, I will do my best. Thanks!


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