Sunday, May 31, 2009


Since February 17 is the last entry posted on this blog . . .

. . .a normal person might assume that either the blogologist a) has gone to his long home or b) there has been a lot of water under the blogologist's bridge. If a "normal person" chose a little from line a) and a little from line b) they would be just about dead on.

For reasons I will note in another post, one fine day I picked up my twenty year-old dog and a box housing my one year-young tom cat, tossed some rags and my bike into the back of my cowboy limousine (which a normal person might call a beat up pickup truck), and made my way to Dallas, Texas. Except for the fact that I chose to abide in the Lone Star State directly in the teeth of the fiery furnace Texans charmingly call "Spring," things have progressed as well as could be hoped for. Although I have been pretty busy since coming here, and will be busier still in the months ahead, I do promise to make a better attempt at posting on this blog.

And so, to all you cowboys and cowgirls out there, from me to you, I send you a "Big D" HOWDY! 


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