Friday, November 07, 2008

The Father, The Son and the Holy Obama

In one sense, I am wondrously relieved. Eight years of warmongering, nation-bullying, world-menacing, sanctioned torture, and assorted bomb-dropping on any poor little third-world excuse of a country that does not stoop on bended knee to America, is seemingly over. In eight years, we earned the enmity of the earth. From admired nation, to despised nation; from liked (or laughed at), to feared; the arrogant moron, Bush, smirked his way through it all. His bullheaded incompetence, and the pack of neo-con wolves surrounding him, opened wide to the Democrats the door to the White House. We do not have to wait 20, 50 or a hundred years for the verdict of history; we already know that the Bush presidency is the worst in American history...going away.

I would now like to see a tribunal established in which Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Condi, Powell, and their Neo-Con Middle-East Zionist "advisers" (read: handlers) of the Paul Wolfawitz and Doug Feith ilk, are put on trial, convicted and punished. Unlike the torture these criminals meted out to helpless captives in Abu Ghraib and other CIA gulags throughout the world, and unlike the slaughter they visited upon tens of thousands around the globe, I would be grateful if these murderous, lying culprits were simply put on some remote and inaccessible island and never ever allowed to disturb the world again.

Now, just because I am grateful this corrupt and bloody Republican regime is soon to be gone (for four years, at least), this does not mean that I am all awash with sunshine, happiness and hope over the election result. I note that the media molders and shapers of American tastes and opinions are already hard at work shining and buffing the image of Saint Obama; soon, when these folks are through with him, he will be as great as Old Abe and George Washington combined. These same agenda-driven media types, the same who have covered for Obama throughout the campaign, will work night and day to make sure he becomes our greatest president of all time, no matter the ugly reality. But I must say, if Obama stops these interminable wars started for the sake of Israel and Israel alone, stops threatening other nations (from Venezuela to Russia), stops illegal immigration and expels the illegal criminals already here, does not ban firearms, does not favor his race over mine, does not tilt us toward bloody Marxism, THEN, I too, will jump on board his bus and praise him. But I am not holding my breath on this one. America, buckle up. It will be a rough ride. We are getting exactly what we deserve. BTW--I opted out of the One-party system (again) and voted for Bob Barr, the Libertarian candidate.

Aside: We Americans were so tired of endless war, gratuitous torture, bombastic ignorance, government rot and stench, and world hatred, that we would have voted for a chicken, a goat, a three-headed toad, or the very devil himself, had they promised "Change." Small wonder then, that the country went for a slick, smiling salesman that reminds me of a black Bill Clinton. 


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