Sunday, June 29, 2008

Man As Food

What an amazing place the earth is. Look at the photo above. That fish almost defies belief. Just when one thinks the earth has nothing more to offer in variety . . . 

. . . up pops this Silver Hypnosis Fish, or glowing Tube Worms that live in sulfuric acid at the bottom of the sea at 180 degrees temperature, or a new monkey in Sumatra. Seems like a new species is being discovered every week.

It was a busy week for animal attacks and theme parks last week. A mountain lion mauled and ate a fellow up near Silver City, New Mexico (the man had left his cabin, as was his wont each morning, to wash and shave; his dentures remained on the table); a shark killed a surfer down in Old Mexico; a kid in Florida lost an arm to an alligator; a man, a tree poacher, lost his all to a croc in Mynamar. At a theme park in Georgia, a teen literally lost his head when a roller coaster rolled over him. One can only imagine how hideous the clean up was for each of these events.

Another short week ahead. Each year there is a community parade of dogs, kids on bikes, politicians in antique cars, vintage fire engines, etc. The route goes for two blocks, then loops back on the opposite side of Collins Park. This year, in hopes of catching the Spirit of '76, a French film crew will be on hand to document the event. But mostly, you see one Collins 4th parade, you've seen them all. Even tho it passes right out my window, I haven't actually sat down and watched one in years.


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