Thursday, October 24, 2013

Cex Crime Central

It happens everywhere, of course, but Florida truly is Cex Crime Central.  NEVER a day does pass unless a flood of horrid sex stories come in from every corner of the state, and many, maybe most, involve children.  Even worse--if possible--many of these crimes involve tots. 

One might think that Florida might become a might inured to such stuff; one might imagine that the citizens, after reading for the one-thousandth time about the rape of a small child, might be calloused beyond caring.  Thank god, those mights ain’t so. But like myself, most here do not understand why laws are not more severe, more savage, more terminal.

To gain a glimpse into the fevered brains of many Floridians and understand how they view this vile curse, one needs only read some of the comments following each report. 

Here are a few:

On the rape of a 4-year-old. . . .

Castration with a very dull plastic butter knife, followed by chaining him over a barrel with his pants down in the middle of a prison exercise yard with a sign nearby explaining what he was locked up for and stating "HAVE FUN"   ----Ted, Lakeland

On incest committed by a mother and a father on their toddler. . . .

Burn them alive. They should not have custody, visitation or the ability to ever bear children or even allowed to own a gold fish.  ----Dominic, Tampa

the male should be castrated then him and the female should be drawn and quartered.----Brovak, Punta Gorda

How disgustingly vile. These two soulless maggots need to be fed to a wood chipper feet first.   ----Sperks, Sarasota

This is what we've become as a society. Children being preyed upon like animals. Never in my 47 years of living did I ever expect society to become so obsessed with sex, violence and drugs...who in their right mind becomes aroused by a child???----Ashah, Nakomis

On preachers, teachers, coaches, military “heroes”, and other men caught in more child sex stings than you can count (and how anyone 84-years-old can even move and breathe much less show up for sex with a child is almost beyond comprehension, but one older-than-rocks amphibian did). . . .

Every one of them need a bullet to the cranium.    ----1angryamerican, Daytona

THE PERFECT SENTENCE:  Judge: "Since I don't think a prison sentence will rehabilitate you boys, I've ordered the bailiff to take you out behind the courthouse and twist your nuts off".   ----Guest, Pensacola

It's like shinning a light on a bunch of cockroaches after you lift the rock they have been living under.   ----Harold, Tampa

I think it's cruel to publicize these people's photographs. They're all either desperately poor or working poor, many of them drug addicted, many clearly with fetal alcohol syndrome, nondescript and unlovable, unintelligent creatures trying to get by in this world without love or money.  -----Dolmance, Orlando

domance, u must be  perv yourself.  u desrv to be raped and sodmazed to.  I would feed you to hungary gaters if I coul.      ----Anon, Arcadia.

C'mon what is the desire for having sex with these young teasers? A majority of the young girls of this day dress like sllluts, are allowed to have sex in their parents house and are openly telling people on the social media platforms. These perverts are only acting out their fantasies by being lured by these little sllluts. No wonder there are a lot so called perverts out there. Fashion, advertising (victoria secret) and parents allow their little sweet girls to dress like sllluts, prostitutes, and the like (Can't tell how old there are any more). So parents get ahold of your daughters and educate them and spend time with them showing them the proper way to be a lady and not have all that skin hanging out teasing the perverts!  ----God, Hell, Michigan

A Thought on “God’s” Comment: Has anyone seen the TV program called “Tots and Tiaras”? I personally think that any “mother” who would truss her child up like a whore (above), then show her off on TV, should get some jail time to think it over and a ton of community service helping raped children to keep her occupied.  And how about any TV network that would air such twisted crap?  The program is a pervert’s dream come true, of course, and only a brain-dead idiot could doubt that this program is exacerbating the kiddie fiddler problem.  Is it any wonder that the epidemic of sexual crimes committed against kids is off-the-charts and way-out-of-control?


Logic—Up on Tampa Bay, some “mother” thought she might stop her infant’s constant crying, not by rocking it, or soothing it, or feeding it, or caressing it, or singing to it, but by dangling it over the balcony by its feet.  The theory, I suppose, was that if the brat was going to wail and fuss anyway might as well give it a REAL reason to wail and fuss.  Thus, holding the baby by its heels 12 feet above the asphalt, our amateur psychologist engaged in the “total immersion” approach to child-rearing.  Alas, didn’t work.  Not only did the kid continue to squall but the little black thing began turning purple.

When a cop responded to a neighbor’s 911 and finally reached the noisy scene on his fleet chariot pulled by only the swiftest of snails, he asked the murderous mom what in holy hell she thought she was doing by pulling a “Michael Jackson” like that?

"I was mad and I was making a point," said the woman matter-of-factly.  “I can do what I want with my baby. Nobody can stop me."

The cop begged to differ.  Placing some jailhouse jewelry on her wrists the boy in blue took the three-peat abuser off to the calaboose where, at the very least, the woman would get some relative peace and quiet. 

No mention of what became of the crying infant so perhaps it was allowed to simply wander away and roam the neighborhood like a wild animal, as most toddlers in that section of town already do.