Monday, December 17, 2012

Make Music, Not Murder

It would seem that for the first time in a long time America is on the verge of getting a Secretary of Defense who views the safety of the United States as his top priority, and not the well-being of Israel.  

Chuck Hagel has been nominated by Obama for this top spot and sooooooo. . . . Get ready for a barrage of hate from the pro-Israel U.S. media and its toadies in Congress and the various screws-loose religious communities.  Together, these Zionist Neocons and their useful idiots, the Christian-Armageddon-Now! fundamentalist nut jobs, will send up all sorts of Triple AAA to shoot down Hagel.  Their job is made vastly more difficult by the fact that Hagel is, was, and will be a straight-shooting, no BS Vietnam vet who is not into lies and smears as his critics are.  When Chuck ran for the U.S. Senate from Nebraska, one of his campaign promises was that he would retire after his second term.  He did.  I advise my bloggies to google "Chuck Hagel" and read about him for themselves.  Why?  Well, if Hagel can generate enough support and become Secretary of Defense, trust me, he will instantly become a potential candidate for the Oval Office in 2016.

For longer than I care to remember the sorely misnamed U. S. Department of Defense has been in fact the DoDIE (Department of Defending Israel against all its Enemies).  So far has this once-great country fallen under the sway of Israel and its minions in this country, that any real concern the DoD has, or had, with American safety is purely ancillary.  I realize that this statement might sound far-fetched and "out there" but If one doubts then just try to count how many wars we are currently engaged in; most, or all, involve nations surrounding Israel.  

Whatever, if you have time, and are so inclined, do spend a minute each day and watch while all the Israel-Firsters come out like a lynch mob and attack with words and fear, with slurs and smear, and try to paint with a tar brush Hagel, this first-class American-First, American-Last and American-Always, this handsome, highly-decorated veteran, as a Nazi, as an anti-semite, as a racist, as a whatever code word their noxious minds can come up with, but which words actually mean, in fact, Hagel is an American for Americans.  

My criticism of Obama is, at this point, finally muted by this move.  The Israel-First crowd, aka Neocons--media, Hollywood, Christian whackos, "lobbyists"--did dearly fear a second term for Obama just because of something like this.  No longer worried about reelection, the president could pay back this motley Neocon crew for its hard backing of that total douch war-monger and Israel-Uber-Alles supporter, Mitt "the Flip" Romney. 

Once you know who the players are and what stakes are involved, international politics is a hoot--more funner than a monkey show.  

Some paranoid chap, a 49-year-old drunk at Dunedin, Florida, was out in his golf cart the other morning searching for his dog (species not mentioned in the report but a “loose” one can only mean one breed).  Anyway, seems our booze bag was concerned about running into some of those big, mean twenty-pound coyotes we have here in the Sunshine State and so he was traveling prepared--high-powered rifle on the seat, pistol in his holster, a big knife in his boot, ammo galore, and probably three or four hand grenades in the glove box, just as a precaution (those gotta be some scary coyotes over Dunedin way). 

Anyway, at some point our one-man army got spooked by something, or nothing, and he began blazing away at something . . . at nothing . . . at every thing.  When cops finally arrived at the scene of World War III they found our man firing wildly into the air.  Seems Daniel Boone was shaken up by a big monster that was about to eat him, a big monster that looked a lot like a water tower.  Well, since the water tower was bleeding water badly, Muldoon charged his prisoner with destruction of public property, criminal mischief, discharging a firearm, blasting away while under the influence, and . . . oh what the hell, he charged him with just being a drunken moron, in general.

I seldom report on such stuff as the above but it goes on and on and on--in greater or lesser degrees--all the time down here among the savages.  Generally, as a rule, Florida has angrier, drunker and older savages than the Upper 49 and thus I suppose such stupid stupidity is only to be expected.

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